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Danielle Desousa - To Do List

Buying a home can be a stressful time and knowing what to expect can help you make the correct decision. Let's find out the steps you need to take, and I'll help you gather the correct documentation you'll need for buying a home.

Danielle Desousa - First Time Home Buyer

Thinking about buying your first home, but not sure how? There are benefits and points to consider before taking that exciting step, I'll help you make the right choices toward finding your way “home.”

Danielle Desousa - Refinance

Are you interested in a Lower Monthly Payment, in need of Debt Consolidation or more Cash-on-hand or simply would like to Shorten your loan? Let's discuss how Refinancing might be right for you!

Your Pet Friendly Lender

As a lifelong animal lover, volunteer, and a "mom" of many pets over the years, I know the amount of love an animal brings to a family. Therefore, I feel there is no better way to celebrate your new home than by adopting a pet to make it complete.

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NO CASH When Applying For a Mortgage

NO CASH WHEN APPLYING FOR A MORTGAGE Unfortunately, cash is NOT KING when it comes to the mortgage and real estate industry. All $$$$ MUST be sourced. What does “sourced” mean? It means YOU must PROVE to the lender where all $ comes from. Loan officers and mortgage processors need to make sure thatthe borrower has enough cash to close and seasoned funds for closing in the [...]

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Part 1: First Time Home Buyers – Florida

Here are some things to start preparing for the home buying process. Connect with me anywhere! Helpful tools such as prequalification, rate calculator and much much more. Copy and paste to download: https://ddesousa.mo [...]

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Why Pet Friendly Lender?

What is Pet Friendly Lender? As a lifelong animal lover and a “mom” of many of them over the years, there is no better way to celebrate closing on your new home than adopting a pet to make it complete. That’s why I offer up to $150 towards a pet adoption fee at any local shelter, after the closing on your new home. I’m honored to work with you and want to make sure yo [...]

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