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Mortgage Lender in Florida, specializing in Flagler County, FL (Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Bunnell, Beverly Beach), also serving surrounding counties in Florida.


WANT TO PURCHASE A HOME?  WHO ARE YOU GONNA CALL? (Ghost busters?!)  It is a technology world….BUT this is the LARGEST transaction of your life!  Find out the differences between LOCAL lenders, big bank /internet / tv/ radio lenders, and some things to consider before you make your choice.  BENEFITS OF USING A LOCAL LENDER […]

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The Down Low on Interest Rates

Palm Coast Canal Homes

No matter what someone is shopping for, a car, a mortgage, a house, they always seems to search for the “lowest price” or “lowest rate”. Unfortunately, finding the “lowest” of something does not necessarily mean that you are finding the “best” that there is available. In the world of mortgages, the absolute lowest rate often […]

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NO CASH When Applying For a Mortgage

NO CASH WHEN APPLYING FOR A MORTGAGE Unfortunately, cash is NOT KING when it comes to the mortgage and real estate industry. All $$$$ MUST be sourced. What does “sourced” mean? It means YOU must PROVE to the lender where all $ comes from. Loan officers and mortgage processors need to make sure thatthe borrower […]

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Part 1: First Time Home Buyers – Florida

Danielle Desousa - First Time Home Buyer

Here are some things to start preparing for the home buying process. Credit – what is your credit score?Capacity- do you have a reliable source of income? Is it provable? Do you make enough money to cover debts and a mortgage. Debt to income ratioCapital– do you have enough $ in your checking, savings, 401k, […]

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Why Pet Friendly Lender?

What is Pet Friendly Lender? As a lifelong animal lover and a “mom” of many of them over the years, there is no better way to celebrate closing on your new home than adopting a pet to make it complete. That’s why I offer up to $150 towards a pet adoption fee at any local […]

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Closing Costs: What are they?

WHAT ARE CLOSING COSTS? Closing costs are fees associated with your home purchase that are paid at the closing of a real estate transaction. These fees, paid to third parties to help facilitate the sale of a home, occur when the title of property is transferred from the seller to the buyer. Closing costs are […]

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Looking for that Fixer Upper Deal?

Maybe a foreclosure or a REO? Looking for a Deal? Looking to buy that cheap fixer upper? What is a Real Estate Owned Property (REO)? Real Estate Owned (REO) means a bank owns it. REO is property owned by a lender, usually a bank, after an unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction (Trustee Sale). The […]

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No! Not Another Sales Person

1) Realtors work on commission; they get paid by the seller at closing. If you’re the buyer working with them their service is free. 2) If you think more Realtors working for you the better… That’s a myth you will receive duplicate information; as the inventory in the Multiple Listing service (MLS) doesn’t change from […]

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Part 2: First Time Home Buyers

You can purchase a home with as little as 3-5% of a down payment. Here are some things to start your home buying preparation: INCOME / EMPLOYMENT: FORECLOSURES, SHORT SALES, BANKRUPTCY (*There are compensating factors, loan type, credit score, debt to income, employment history etc)​*In most cases, it is important you have built up your […]

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Home Buyer Seminar – Palm Coast, FL

If you or someone you know has been wondering about how to buy or build a home, please tell them about this upcoming seminar! Misty Ritchie with Palm Coast Real Estate and I partnered up to answer frequently answered questions: What does my credit score need to be? How much of a down payment do […]

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