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The Down Low on Interest Rates

Palm Coast Canal Homes

No matter what someone is shopping for, a car, a mortgage, a house, they always seems to search for the “lowest price” or “lowest rate”. Unfortunately, finding the “lowest” of something does not necessarily mean that you are finding the “best” that there is available. In the world of mortgages, the absolute lowest rate often […]

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NO CASH When Applying For a Mortgage

NO CASH WHEN APPLYING FOR A MORTGAGE Unfortunately, cash is NOT KING when it comes to the mortgage and real estate industry. All $$$$ MUST be sourced. What does “sourced” mean? It means YOU must PROVE to the lender where all $ comes from. Loan officers and mortgage processors need to make sure thatthe borrower […]

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Home Buyer Seminar – Palm Coast, FL

If you or someone you know has been wondering about how to buy or build a home, please tell them about this upcoming seminar! Misty Ritchie with Palm Coast Real Estate and I partnered up to answer frequently answered questions: What does my credit score need to be? How much of a down payment do […]

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